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About Us is a free service provided by SEO Expert Eric Melin to assist with Traffic Generation strategies and the monetization of domain properties.

It was developed to provide Webmasters and Business Owners a simple and easy method of estimating the amount of UVM (Unique Visitors per Month) that come to any website and approximate the value of this traffic.

The data comes from a variety of sources and attempts to accurately predict traffic, but it is only a prediction. While most businesses do track hits, pageviews, unique visitors, and other metrics for their websites - this information is generally proprietary and not available to the public. extracts data from publically available sources to calculate estimates.

The value of a domain is based on a function of this total estimated unique visitors (traffic) and many other factors, such as age of the domain, quality of hosting infrastructure, DMOZ listings, search engine indexed pages, search engine backlinks, % of US Traffic, industry/vertical, and quality of links. This estimator does not factor the value domain name itself.

Should you have a project that requires better data models, in depth web analytics research, a portfolio of web properties, or other business intelligence requirements, please contact me, I will propose a detailed solution and assist with your project.

If you are interested in buying or selling web properties, and/or determining the value of a website property based on web traffic, pagerank, ad revenue, links, and search engine visibility, please see the BostonBridge Business Brokers website, or contact me.

The data can be cut and pasted into emails, or exported into other web applications. Please feel free to use the site, and freely. I welcome suggestions for improving the accuracy of results.
News And Updates
March 28th, 2008: Our topsite terms and conditions have been updated. If you are a member, you must review the new terms and conditions.


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